WOW TBC Gold US 2,000G


Delivery Methods: Mailbox, Auction House
Delivery Time: 30-60 Minutes
Default Amount: 2,000 Gold

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Game: World of Warcraft(US Servers)
Delivery Time: 30 – 60 Minutes
Delivery Method: Mailbox, Auction House, Trade F2F
Payment Accepted: PayPal, Credit Card, USDT, Wechat, Alipay, Western Union, HK FPS
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WOW TBC Gold US Delivery Methods

  1. Mailbox is a safe delivery method. 1 hour delay in mailbox system. Mostly we can deliver within 1 hour.
  2. Auction House is the best method for WOW Gold. Bid on any item as 2000 gold per item. We will buy it by gold. Receiver will be charged 5% amount. Still 1 hour delay and obtain by mailbox.

WOW TBC Gold US Delivery Time

  1. 1 hour as avarage time. Buyer can harvest the gold witin 2 hour including the game system delay time.
  2. Mail delivery will be priority shipping
  3. Auction House delivery method is slower than mail.

Basic Process

  1. You can order the gold online. Default is 2,000G. You can buy 4000,6000,10,000……as multiples of 2,000.
  2. Leave the correct name of your character
  3. WOW Gold Classic TBC will be sent as mail delivery as default.
  4. If buyers need the auction house delivery, contact our support before order please.

How to Buy WOW TBC Gold in US server is a basic e-commerce website, the process is the same as Amazon or eBay.

  1. On the current page, you have reached the World of Warcraft gold purchase page.
  2. Select the server and enter the character name, and then click [Add to Cart]. Default quanlity is 1 as 2,000 gold.
  3. In the shopping cart, click [Checkout] to enter the checkout page, enter the necessary contact information, and select a payment method to pay.
  4. After the payment is completed, you can contact our customer service directly to facilitate the customer service to arrange the delivery more quickly.
Realm NameTypeTimeLocal
AnathemaPvPPDTUS West
Arcanite ReaperPvPPDTUS West
AshkandiPvEEDTUS East
AtieshPvEPDTUS West
AzuresongPvEPDTUS West
BenedictionPvPEDTUS East
BigglesworthPvPPDTUS West
BlaumeuxPvPPDTUS West
Bloodsail BuccaneersRPEDTUS East
Deviate DelightPvP RPEDTUS East
EarthfuryPvPEDTUS East
FaerlinaPvPEDTUS East
FairbanksPvPPDTUS West
GrobbulusPvP RPPDTUS West
HeartseekerPvPEDTUS East
HerodPvPEDTUS East
IncendiusPvPEDTUS East
KirtonosPvPEDTUS East
KromcrushPvPEDTUS East
KurinnaxxPvPPDTUS West
LoathebPvPEDTLatin America
MankrikPvEEDTUS East
MyzraelPvEPDTUS West
NetherwindPvPEDTUS East
Old BlanchyPvEPDTUS West
PaglePvEEDTUS East
RattlegorePvPPDTUS West
SkeramPvPEDTUS East
SmolderwebPvPPDTUS West
StalaggPvPEDTUS East
SulfurasPvPEDTUS East
ThalnosPvPEDTUS East
ThunderfuryPvPPDTUS West
WestfallPvEEDTUS East
WhitemanePvPPDTUS West
WindseekerPvEEDTUS East