Terms and Conditions

Power leveling business

The power leveling business provides customers with the necessary information for game login such as username and password (including secondary passwords) to PLS173, and entrusts PLS173 to help customers improve the level of characters, weapon levels or improve certain properties in the game. Paid services . The specific work in the game is performed by PLS company instead. PLS173 has not cooperated with any game publishing company. Before purchasing, please know that some game companies are opposed to game boosting.

Long-term insurance: There is no insurance surcharge in the field of game boosting, and the fee is only the labor fee for the escort personnel and the labor fee for the escort personnel in the same group. The end of boosting means the end of the service. On the basis that PLS173 promises to use 100% pure manual operation, the normal operation of pure skilled gamers, no plug-ins and no scripts, PLS173 does not have any responsibility for subsequent problems after the service ends.

Calling on the way: PLS173 supports customers making calls on the way.
1) For orders placed in the middle, the customer will be responsible for the problem of blocking and freezing.
2) The consumption of the top-ranked items and the consumption of gold coins are calculated based on our screenshots.
3) The character level upgrade, item upgrade upgrade, additionally obtained items and other attribute upgrades generated by the account number in the middle are within the scope of the order payment. PLS173 will not refund, refund the difference, or replace other services for the progress made during the customer’s account registration.
4) If the order progress is delayed due to the number-up in the middle, PLS173 is not responsible for the delay of the order progress caused by such reasons.

Start time: The start time of mainstream games is about 15 minutes, no more than 30 minutes, and the number of special unpopular games will be negotiated by PLS173. The 1-2 months after the game is launched or the expansion is updated is a popular period. During this period, it is possible to register first, and then start boosting after a few hours, which is a normal category. For orders that have not been placed within 24 hours, customers can directly apply for a refund and terminate the service. In addition, the rest time of booster orders is generally set when the boosters rest for several hours in the early morning of the local time (Beijing time, Western Time and Pacific time), and the promised completion time of the order remains unchanged. For progress problems, refunds or partial refunds will be made, and the promised completion time will be the standard completion time.

Team formation problem: Some content of some games requires some team activities, such as World of Warcraft Great Rift, World of Warcraft Void Fragment, etc., the server must have enough players, and the power trainers will not be on the account during unpopular times.

Online time: PLS173 power leveling service and online 24 hours a day, in order to ensure account security, most games use the basic principle of 16-20 hours online. It is possible that after the customer places an order, no one practices the account after the login verification is passed. The online time of some PVP games (or part of the game) is based on the network delay, the strength of the opponent, the fatigue level of the booster, etc. The online time is not fixed. In some PVP games, there are games (or part of the game) with reduced attribute values or some data, such as League of Legends and Overwatch. You can re-play or brush on behalf of others, and the time will be extended normally.

Password security: All buyers must change their passwords immediately after completing the power leveling order. The order completion status is based on screenshots. After the power leveling is completed, PLS173 is no longer responsible for any account security issues.

Multiple experience: PLS173’s power leveling business has no relationship or discount with the game’s official multiple experience activities. Power leveling is only responsible for achieving the attribute values promised in the specific product description. Unless the product has a special statement, PLS173 does not provide official support Other price concessions are provided for multiple experience.

Personal items: Generally, game backpacks are limited. During the boosting process, all dropped items will be reserved for customers. If the backpack cannot fit, the booster will put the items in the bank. Since its establishment in 2008, the PLS173 team has strict management of booster workers, and generally there is no case where items are resold or transferred to other accounts. If the customer is worried about the loss of equipment, items and gold coins, please take a screenshot before placing the order, and ask the customer service of PLS173 for the first status after the account is placed when the order starts after payment (within 15 minutes after payment). Take screenshots, and ask for order completion screenshots when the order is completed to facilitate matching with personal screenshots.

Product price difference: All PLS173 power leveling products do not support the price difference, and all prices are subject to the price at the time of purchase. For products with the same content (including customized packages), the time and price may be different. It involves the difference in the material price of the server at that time, the proficiency of the booster and the game version environment. PLS173 will not refund the difference for different prices of the same content. The prices of long-term items purchased in stages and one-time purchases are different, and the sum of the prices of partial purchases of some commodities is higher than that of one-time purchases.

Special prerequisites: The necessary (or important but non-essential) conditions of some products cannot be clearly described in the order details. The customer service/reception staff have the final interpretation right and the right to change the order status, including refunds.

Key settings: There is a possibility to modify the keys during the boosting process, such as the key of the skill bar. Please take screenshots and record your key settings before placing an order. PLS173 has no service to help customers set and restore keys for the time being, and has no obligation to restore keys.

Game private chat: Boosting uses the whole process of silence, prohibiting buyers from using trumpets, vests or other characters to speak with the characters being boosted in the game. For inquiries about the progress, please use the contact information displayed on the website page to contact PLS173 customer service. PLS173 is not responsible for any progress delays or title issues caused by buyers talking in the game.

Refund and replacement: After the boosting order has started boosting, it does not support free returns. The refund of the boosting order and the replacement of service content require certain personnel reconfiguration of the product and readjustment of working hours, which will incur certain costs. This part The cost shall be borne by the proposer, that is, the buyer, and the specific cost shall be negotiated according to the specific situation.

Guild question: Since the guild president has special constraints and requirements on guild members, if there are special circumstances to reply or special avoidance content, please take the initiative to contact customer service to explain before the order starts. The PLS173 team will not be held responsible for the loss of the guild leader’s dismissal of a member.

gold coin business

Trading method: Most game gold coins are traded in face-to-face, auction house, mail, COD, union withdrawal, etc. The specific transaction method of each game is mainly based on the detailed description in the current product or consulting customer service. If the transaction method described in the product is inconsistent with the transaction method expressed by the customer service, the current customer service expression shall prevail.

Transaction time: Different games have detailed transaction time descriptions in the product description. In most cases, they can be delivered as scheduled. Orders may be delayed during busy periods. If the delay exceeds 24 hours, the undelivered part will be refunded, and the delivered part will not be refunded or exchanged.

Product price difference: The price of all PLS173 gold coin products fluctuates at any time, and does not support the price difference. All prices are subject to the price at the time of purchase.

Transaction security: almost all games have an internal transaction system, and gold coins are unified in-game currency, but some games do not allow direct exchange of virtual gold coins and real currencies, so the buyer will be responsible for the recovery of gold coins or account deactivation caused by such problems. .

Gold coin channel: PLS173 does not produce gold coins by itself, all gold coins are obtained from purchasing channels, and the PLS173 team has strict management and elimination standards for suppliers. Due to the homogeneity of gold coins, that is, there is no difference in the appearance of gold coins from any channel, there may be some gold coins obtained from illegal channels. The game official has internal judgment standards. Suspension shall be borne by the buyer.

Equipment business
We transfer tradable items (including equipment, mounts, weapons, pets, etc.) to customer characters through our inventory or transaction-specific spot colors. This type of business is equipment business.

Transaction method: mail or face-to-face transaction.

System return: If the mailed items may be automatically returned by the system due to server maintenance and other problems, please contact the official or GM for processing. PLS173 only takes the successful delivery of screenshots as the basis for delivery completion. The face-to-face transaction is based on the successful receipt of the buyer’s role at that time as the basis for the completion of the delivery.

Product price difference: The business price of all PLS173 equipment fluctuates at any time, and does not support the price difference. All prices are subject to the price at the time of purchase.

Payment refund

Full refund: For orders that have no cost at all, and the order cannot be started within 72 hours due to PLS173, a full refund can be made (including the seller’s handling fee deducted when the merchant receives payment, not Including the buyer’s processing fee charged when the buyer pays). After the buyer takes the initiative to propose a refund, after negotiation, PLS173 will execute the loan according to the agreement.

Partial Refund: For orders for which part of the order is carried out and part of the cost and customer benefit is incurred, if the order is suspended for more than 72 hours due to the problem of PLS173, the customer can negotiate with PLS173 to make a partial refund.

Reversed Payments: PLS173 does not support any form of PayPal complaints, PayPal disputes and Credit Card Cancellation Payments (CB). If such a situation occurs, it means that the customer waives the right to negotiate with PLS173, and PLS173 reserves the right of final interpretation of the order payment.

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