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WLK Shadowmourne

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WLK Shadowmourne

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 Shadowmourne is a legendary axe that is the counterpart to Frostmourne, the blade of the The Lich King. Forged with the blood of an Old God, fragments of the Frozen Throne, and souls of the dead, Shadowmourne is a weapon born of evil. To obtain and wield Shadowmourne, players must be at least level 80, friendly with The Ashen Verdict, and be a Death Knight, Paladin, or Warrior.

Obtaining Shadowmourne

The questline to forge Shadowmourne begins by the Death Knight, Paladin, or Warrior player reaching friendly with The Ashen Verdict. After reaching friendly, the player must speak with Highlord Darion Mograine within the Icecrown Citadel raid to obtain the quest  The Sacred and the Corrupt which requires players to obtain  Light’s Vengeance Primordial Saronitex25,  Festergut’s Acidic Blood, and  Rotface’s Acidic Blood. With the reagents gathered, the player returns to Morgraine and completes the quest  Shadow’s Edge to obtain  Shadow’s Edge.

With Shadow’s Edge forged, the player will need to feed the weapon souls of the Lich King’s minions in the quest  A Feast of Souls and then empower the weapon by completing  Unholy Infusion Blood Infusion, and  Frost Infusion. Once the weapon has been empowered, the player will then need to pick up the quest  The Splintered Throne which requires them to collect  Shadowfrost Shard x50 by killing bosses in the 25 player or 25 heroic version of the Icecrown Citadel raid.

Finally, once the shards have been obtained,  Shadowmourne will be forged for the player to wield.

Bonus Rewards

After obtaining  Shadowmourne, Mograine gives the player one final quest:  The Lich King’s Last Stand. Following the encounter with The Lich King, the player will loot  Sealed Chest which contains several notable items relating to Arthas:  Alexandros’ Soul Shard Arthas’ Training Sword Badge of the Silver Hand Blood of Sylvanas, and  Jaina’s Locket. Each item within the crate begins a very short quest which culminates into the following special rewards:

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